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6 rockin’ startups à la Parisienne


Look at all those beautiful start-up scenes flourishing, and Europe is popping!

(London #3, Paris #11, Berlin #17)


Original Image from StartUp Compass


Very, very impressed with the research and approach, Startup Compass has brought to the table in their recent report on the startup ecosystems around the world, and it’s definitely worth checking out in greater detail here.  Also worth noting that they’ve developed a “free benchmarking tool that leverages its data to allow entrepreneurs to evaluate their progress compared to other startups in their space” as written by TechCrunch here last week.  I’ll be looking into that more this week!


I’d like to add a bit of Parisian color to the data and highlight some startups that deserve the spotlight in our local ecosystem.


1) Wipolo keeps all your trips in one spot, allowing you to organize flights, trains, hotels, car rentals, etc, and to even automatically create itineraries by forwarding your confirmation emails to their service.  Excited to see what’s ahead for them!


2) Plug n Surf was just featured as start-up of the Month in Presse-Citron and as they work in the same building as us we often get the inside story.  3G keys are nice, but just not nice enough.  Imagine them on steroids, and imagine sharing that power with 5 friends at once while you’re chilling on the beach.  Yep, that’ their product, Wobe.  Check it out!


3) Nuxeo is an opensource Content Management System just named as a finalist for the Red Herring award in Europe.  Their “Why Nuxeo” page sums up both the benefits and the style this startup has.  Thumbs up.


4) Just like our team at WriteThatname, Sparrow is streamlining email with a very agile Mac Desktop app, and their  iPhone app has just exploded in the App Store and is getting great reviews there too ( 4.5 out of 5 rating out of 1,802 ratings as of a few weeks back). They were featured recently in a favorite startup blog of mine, Tech.Li.  Read more here.


5) Leetchi makes having a party easy… and making sure that everybody contributes!  Just as Doodle has become an awesome go-to site for scheduling events among multiple friends, Leetchi can now take care of  the financial side, easing up the load of busting out that calculator or becoming lost in an excel spreadsheet that nobody else is going to look at ;-)


6) Mail4good is a startup that provides visibility for charitable organizations via Email signatures, easy “likes” on facebook, donating time or money via their site which makes it very easy to find a cause that’s up your alley.  Their blog keeps us posted on the good they’re doing, and as we say in French “chapeau” or “tip of the hat” to this fine crew for their positive direction.


Of course there are many more that we haven’t mentioned, and to stay on top of the startup/tech news in France, may we humbly suggest you check out the RudeBaguette.  The bread is baked daily by a talented crew and thank you Roxanne, Liam (and Noodles too) for the deliciously rude updates.

Long live les startups français!

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