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HearThat.User: Liam Boogar from the Rude Baguette

Today we want you to meet Liam Boogar, co-founder & editor at the Rude Baguette. As a Californian dude now living in Paris, he is writing in English about the French start-up scene.

Liam was just a regular WriteThat.Name user. Some months ago, he wrote an email to and was quite impressed to receive an answer from Philippe Laval (Kwaga’s CEO) within a couple of hours. That’s how we quickly became friends, and now we are always happy to welcome him into our office.

1. How did you hear about WriteThat.Name?

I first read about WriteThat.Name online. I had always been looking for a way to make email easier, as it takes up so much of my life.

2. Which plan are you using?

I’m currently using the free plan, I think. I was planning to get HistoRecall, although I’ve had Kwaga for a few months now, so it seems silly to go back one year, as there would be a lot of overlap.

In fact Liam, there is no overlap: HistoRecall scans the 12 months preceding the day  that you signed up for

3. What are the typical situations that make you happy to use it?

Often times I am better at remembering a name, a company, or even a twitter handle than an email address, and being able to search through my contacts for any of that information has been priceless.

4. What are you missing in WriteThat.Name?

I’d like to have a better interface to view my contacts. When I use Mozilla Thunderbird, for example, my contacts don’t get carried over. If I had a simple desktop client that also had all of my contacts automatically stored, I could just reference that (or an add-on to Thunderbird) when I need to send emails.

Thank you so much Liam! :)

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