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First day at Kwaga

Today is my very first day at Kwaga.

I’m joining this great team, really unique since there are nearly as many linguists as there are developers.

My name is Valentin and I will have the pleasure to be in direct contact with you, whether you’re already using or only thinking about it. I’ll be here to help you sort eventual mishaps you’d encounter, to explain and explore with you our new features, collect your feedback and ideas about next steps etc. Some might even call me a community manager ;) So you will probably read a lot more than one blogpost from me in the upcoming months.

Today started with the discovery of the offices and a long discussion with Philippe Laval, Kwaga’s CEO. Then, after a small expedition to bring in new tables & chairs, the list of all the required tools and associated credentials, and the creation of a nice mail address: I’m ready to start.

However, there is still so much things for me to learn about Kwaga & It’s about getting to know my new colleagues, discussing with our users to have a better understanding of their needs, and so much more.

But why should I perform this new journey alone? I don’t have to keep all my findings for myself.

So I will take you with me in my following blogposts and we will try to discover together the story & the life behind a start-up like Kwaga.

Detects signatures in your incoming email and auto updates your address book or your CRM (Salesforce, HighRise, Zoho).
  • Panneaux solaires

    J`ai vu ce site au détours d`un partage d`un profil twitter et j`ai bien aimé l`article.Content pour toi que tu as pu trouver un bon poste. L’évolution par rapport à l’ancien?

  • Valentin Pringuay

    Content de savoir que tu as aimé l’article :)Sans entrer dans les détails, j’ai aujourd’hui l’impression d’entrer dans une très bonne équipe où il fait bon vivre/travailler. Et j’ai plus de liberté dans l’écriture, donc je sens que je vais vraiment me faire plaisir ;)Merci à toi en tout cas.