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A monstrous conversion rate thanks to @lifehacker



Last week our team was very excited to have an article in lifehacker.  Big tip of the hat to Whitson Gordon for reviewing WriteThatname and whipping up a fine article.

The waves the article created have made me reflect on the social media chicken or egg argument: Is community king?… or is it content?   Of course Lifehacker has both and so their community came in throes the day of the article and this lead to a ton of new folks trying out our service (42% who clicked through and visited our site signed up… that’s a very fine conversion rate!).




Ever heard someone say: “attention is the currency of the 21st century economy”?  I think it’s true, and it begs the question, how do we obtain this precious commodity from prospective users?  The answer remains the same: Community and content, and again, the question is which comes first?… just like the chicken, I think they must come together, so for a start-up like us, we’ll continue to develop a strong core product, share it in innovative ways and exchange positively with all those that it attracts ;-)


Oh… and language geeks like us at Kwaga love sharing where words like community come from: communis in latin meant “common, shared”… breaking down into com (“with”) and munus (“exchange”).  Ah, ain’t language wonderful!!!

Detects signatures in your incoming email and auto updates your address book or your CRM (Salesforce, HighRise, Zoho).
  • BryceChristiansen

    That’s really cool.  Good work guys.

    I help with a startup web app called The People Profiler and getting on Lifehacker would be one of our goals as well.

    Any tips?


    • Hey Bryce.  Thanks for the comment, and just saw it here now.  Replied to you on your blog at Work-Life-Balance, but will repeat here for history-sake ;-)

      The tip is that all of the authors at lifehacker have their emails visible after each article, but it’d be great if you could find a way to link up with one of them through your community, if even by a far link (linkedin will show you if you have a 2nd, 3rd degree anywhere).

      Best of luck and people profiler looks pretty impressive.  Will sign up for a trial later!
      Cheers, Brad